Can biofidel chickens fly?

CTS (www.crash-test-service.com), the developer and manufacturer of the biofidel crash test dummy “Primus”, has started to develop a biofidel chicken. TEC Competence (www.tec-competence.com), developer of TEC Tools, was asked to support the testing with its 3D technology.

The chicken and the impact area were scanned before and after the impact. The challenge was, that the impact area consists of a frozen gelly type of material. The scan had to be performed immediately after the impact before the heat and the gravity effected and change the impact area.

The Mantis F6 scanner was used since it is one of the fastest handheld scanning devices. The area to be scanned, does not need any preparation prior to the scan and the F6 works outdoor in daylight.

Different biofidel chicken types were tested in order to get the results of the impact on the chicken and on the impact area as close to the results using a real chicken.

Biofidel chickens might ultimately lead to less animal testing.