The automobile industry is challenged with finding an easy, reliable, fast and cost-effective method to analyze and document the lifecycle of a crash test dummy. Two companies have now joined forces to provide an innovative solution.

Mantis Vision, a company well known for its fast, accurate and robust 3D handheld scanners, is the provider of the hardware and the general 3D software.

TEC Competence is a start-up focusing on sensor applications, product development and software applications.

This unique solution has integrated the TEC application software directly into the Mantis scanning software, enabling the entire process – from scanning through the end result – to be streamlined within the Mantis Echo software. No third-party software or time-consuming data transfers or data format changes are required. The entire process is executed through a single workflow, which is easy to learn and simple to handle.


The application provides the hardware and software for a 3D Survey of crash test dummies, with the goal of comparing the results of this Survey with the manufacturer's specifications. This ensures that the dummy meets the manufacturer's standards before a crash, thereby providing optimal and comparable test results.

The dummy is secured to a survey chair according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then the measurement points, as stated in the manufacturer’s manual, are highlighted using 3D targets.

The entire dummy is scanned, and the results are automatically calculated. If additional survey points on the dummy are required, they can be added manually and will be highlighted on the 3D data set.

Measurement data is stored within a comprehensive database, enabling the documentation of the dummy’s lifecycle.

A GUI has been designed to handle the survey and the database.


Dummies are an important part of the crash test process. Following several crashes, the dummies are analyzed to determine how the force of each impact has affected the dummy and whether it differs from the manufacturer’s specifications.

One part of the dummy survey is to accurately measure the dummy’s dimensions. Traditionally, these dimensions were measured with a tactile device.

In our application, the relevant measurement points, as stated in the manufacturer’s manual, are marked by 3D targets and all calculations are automatically measured by the software. This process eliminates the possibility of human error in selecting the correct points. The results are highly accurate impact analysis, regardless of operator skill, and the dummy’s lifecycle is fully documented in 3D. A database is added to the software.

3D Scanning of a Crash Test Dummy with millimetric Accuracy takes less than 60 Seconds with Mantis Vision F6 Smart

3D Target to highlight survey points