TEC Tool - Crash Barrier Analysis: The system solution for the MPDB Test


In 2020 Euro NCAP introduces the MPDB (Moving Progressive Deformable Barrier) Test. The test execution and evaluation is significantly more complex and demanding. For example, for the first time, the deformation of the crash barrier has to be scanned and evaluated with a 3D scanner.

For this task TEC Competence has developed the TEC Tool - Crash Barrier Analysis. The system solution consists of a Mantis Vision F6 Smart handheld 3D scanner and the Mantis Vision Echo software with fully integrated crash barrier analysis software from TEC Competence.

The workflow from scan to the final result closely follows the Euro NCAP protocol. The TEC Tool - Crash Barrier Analysis was validated through testing at several Euro NCAP laboratories.

The advantages of the system solution are:
  • Easy to transport and ready to use (set-up time <5 minutes)
  • No preparations on the crash barrier necessary
  • One software package for scanning and evaluating the crash barrier according to Euro NCAP protocol
  • Fast scan of the barrier directly at the crash facility (<2 minutes scan time)
  • Export of the official Euro NCAP Excel document as well as additional visualizations as PDF report
  • Only approx. 30 minutes total time consumption including preparation of the data
What else do we offer:
  • Optional maintenance contract for the Crash Barrier Analysis software with all updates, such as changes in the Euro NCAP protocol or enhancements like additional barrier types.
  • English and German training and support by TEC Competence, Germany.
  • Optional annual certification of the calibration of the 3D scanner by the manufacturer Mantis Vision, Israel.
  • Optional additional TEC tools for the Automotive Safety sector.
The system offers excellent value for money and is available now.