Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) purchased TEC Tool - Crash Barrier Analysis


The Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) is the official Euro NCAP test facility in Germany. We are very proud and honored that BASt purchased the TEC Tool - Crash Barrier Analysis as an evaluation tool for the new Euro NCAP MPDB Frontal Impact Crash Test.

This TEC Tool is an all in one solution to scan and evaluate the Crash Barrier in new Euro NCAP MPDB Frontal Impact Crash Test. It consists of:

  • Mantis F6 handheld scanner,
  • Mantis Echo Software to operate the scanner,
  • TEC Tool - Crash Barrier Analysis to evaluate the barrier.

The workflow of scanning and evaluating the barrier is easy, user-friendly and the final result is available in minutes!

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Currently 2 more TEC Tools are close to be launched to the market.

  1. TEC Tool - Coordinate System Transformation
    A tool to transform 3D scans, taken immediately after a crash test, back into the CAD (simulation) coordinate system reusing already existing 2D targets. Results of a crash test are available in the simulation environment in next to no time for further evaluation.
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  2. TEC Tool - Dummy Surveying
    A tool which makes it possible to check and document the dimensions of a crash test dummy against the values and tolerances stated in the dummy manufacturer manual. Changes in the dimensions of a crash test dummy can be detected and replacements of parts can be planed in advance.
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