Mantis Vision

A superb 3D volumetric handheld scanner for highly detailed scans of minimal size objects

Crash Barrier Analysis

You need a quick and easy way to compare Euro NCAP's Moving Progressive Deformable Barrier (MPDB) before and after crash?...

Coordinate System Transformation

You need an easy and reliable way to align your scanned point cloud to your desired coordinate system?...

Dummy Surveying

You need to accurately measure your dummy to ensure that the manufacturer's standards are met?...

Biofidel chickens might ultimately lead to less animal testing. TEC supported CTS in testing of biofidel chickens.

Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) purchased TEC Tool - Crash Barrier Analysis

The Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) is the official Euro NCAP test facility in Germany. We are very proud and honored that BASt purchased…

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